A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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A Different kind of Density

A prosperous future will depend on the development of the kinds of density that encourage strong social infrastructure.





Suburban Sprawl Increases the Risk of Future Pandemics

Land use policies in the United States have just as profound an impact on the rest of the world as any movie out of Hollywood.




Community gardens are cropping up at public libraries

Today, community and teaching gardens are out in the open, and flourishing in green spaces maintained by libraries around the nation. 




Review: Neighborhood Defenders

A new book explains why people object to new housing in their neighborhoods, and whether these "neighborhood defenders" are representative of the public as a whole.




Reimagining an Antiracist America—Starting with Our Neighborhoods

The past several weeks and months have made painfully apparent the ways in which structural racism destroys lives and livelihoods and holds us back as a nation.





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