A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest


A Solution for Massive Federal Funding Cuts: Think Hyper-Local

Despite concern over the potential loss of community development and planning funds at the federal level we’re reminded that communities have the networks and resources to make it through periods of scarcity.




The New American Suburb

New types of vibrant suburbs, either revived or created from scratch, are springing up outside the downtown core.




To Learn About a City, Visit Its Neighborhoods

What if, in addition to searching for the best views and museums, visitors to a city expressed an interest in something different, in a taste of the real, unfiltered urban experience?




Berlin's Holzmarkt Shows the Incredible Potential of Urban Villages

A creative placemaking project along the waterfront in Berlin, Germany — near where the Berlin Wall once stood — has transformed into a robust urban village.




Rabble: Investing in Urban Revitalization in Detroit

A new innovative crowd investment project promising to stimulate grassroots revitalization in inner city Detroit is born. Could this concept be an applicable solution for the revitalization of similar urban environments nationwide?







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