A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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More Than Money: Civic Crowdfunding for Participatory Community Development

Crowdfunding platforms have attracted attention for their capacity to bring together likeminded people from far-flung corners of the world. Worth building on, however, is the ability of some platforms to bring together neighborhoods and communities.




Little Free Libraries: Creating a Sense of Place One Backyard at a Time

While placemaking may conjure images of a transformed public square that attracts thousands of residents, or a revitalized and once-derelict building to which community members have given new uses, it can also take the form of a series or network of smaller activities


Story Pod Reimagines Little Free Libraries as Public Space

The Story Pod is a free book exchange in the town of Newmarket near Toronto. Found near Main Street in a civic square, the pod is also a public space and lounge area where people can take a load off and spend some time reading their new finds.





Havana’s Public Spaces

Learning from and Building on a People-Centered City




One Neighborhood at a Time – a David Brooks column in the New York Times

“What is the central challenge facing our era? My answer would be: social isolation.”






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