A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest


10 Great Novels Every Urbanist Should Read


In the best fiction, writers convey a kind of truth about cities that can’t solely be captured in true stories.




What Your Personality has to do with Your Neighborhood


It’s a well-worn sociological truth that the neighborhoods in which we live can have a powerful effect on our lives. But how do our neighborhoods affect our overall happiness and well being? And what might they reflect about our underlying personalities?



A look at Home Ownership Rates


The United States is the only developed country of those surveyed, apart from Canada, to widely employ single-family detached residential zones that bar all commercial and multifamily uses.



7 Old Spaces transformed into Something Cool Again


On a daily basis we pass spaces that just don’t seem to work anymore. We’ve heard about vacant lots turned into gardens and parks in city centers, but there are plenty of other interesting ways people are transforming even the most obscure places into livable and usable spaces.






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