A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Building a Community in Your Neighborhood


Building and maintaining a community in your neighborhood works only if the efforts are people-powered. Check out the ideas below or be creative and determine what works in your area.



  • Drink your morning coffee on the front porch.


  • Go for a walk; greet people you pass


  • Buy local products


  • Get to know your mail carrier

  • Host a neighborhood potluck


  • Build a garden in the front yard



  • Pick up litter

  • Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk

  • Support neighborhood schools and organizations

  • Start a neighborhood newsletter

  • Buy from lemonade stands


  • Visit the local library

  • Take action to fix neighborhood infrastructure

  • Form a neighborhood exercise club

  • Plant a tree


  • Clean up after your animals

  • Start a neighborhood barter system

  • Join a carpool

  • Start a housewarming team to greet new neighbors
  • Create a neighborhood vegetable garden



   From Do It Green




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