A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest

Density Done Well. Density is often seen in terms of developers’ wishes. Brent Todarian tells us why more attention should be given to the benefits which increased density can bestow upon everyone.


Better Block could come to your neighborhood. This organization is devoted to quickly assembling small neighborhood improvement projects all around the country, then working with local neighbors to promote long-lasting effects.

Bus stop of the Future? Why not expand a busy bus stop into the kind of multi-service entity that many rail transit stops have become?


 Hipsters, in their natural habitats. Hipsters are here defined as people who dwell in neighborhoods with idiosyncratic restaurants, shops, and bars. The article seeks to identify cities with a significant number of such hipster-habitats.

Share your ideas in Neighborland. As a kind of collective online urban planning platform, Neighborland provides a means of sharing locally originating thoughts about neighborhood improvement, done both in real physical space as well as online.


Reclaiming the Sidewalk. Once seen as merely a means of traversing the neighborhood, sidewalks are increasingly being seen as the place where "the activity between public and private realms takes root".


Spotlight on a neighborhood. Many neighborhoods have developed excellent web sites to provide a forum for neighborhood communication and improvement. From time to time we will suggest a visit to one of these sites. This time it’s Atwater Village in Los Angeles.



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